Haynes Global Services


We are here to help you find a solution for your Global supply chain needs and services.

We have special expertise in sales, consulting, procurement, logistics, business development and outsourcing in the International manufacturing Sectors. HGS is known for the successful facilitation of implementing and bridging of relationships between our vendors and companies in need. Our vendors provide manufactured components ( large, mid-size to small) and services in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Aerospace and Construction Sectors. Let our company be your company concierge.

E.Haynes Marketing

Global Master Ambassador (GMA) of Ibüümerang


Edwin Haynes positively impacts the lives of thousands daily through his powerful messages of belief, encouragement, and empowerment. Today, he continues to dominate his industry while empowering individuals worldwide to advance on both a personal and professional level, to live life to the fullest and lead them to learn how to earn a significant residual income.

Edwin is one of the Founding Members and The Global Master Ambassador (GMA) of a Multi-Million Dollar global network distribution company of Ibüümerang, with CEO and Business icon Holton Buggs at the helm.

Ibüümerng is an Uber like technology with an Amazon philosophy. Utilizing Travel as the gateway, saving people money on travel, where they can stay at 5 star hotels and resorts for 3 star prices! With hundreds of thousands of wholesale distributors and retail customers in over 150 different countries worldwide, together they are headed to making Ibüümerang a Multi-Billion Dollar Company! Yes, that’s Billions with a “B”!!

Edwin Haynes has helped other professionals and non-professionals earn significant residual incomes from this endeavor and build the most sought after “legacy income” ever created. Please contact Edwin Haynes with your inquiries to join his fast growing and life-changing team.

Athon Systems


We help manufacturing and Project Managing companies address their quality, communication and cost control challenges, by delivering an innovative software as a service solution (Saas), that provides centralized documentation, global project visibility and enhanced supplier management and development.

John Maxwell Certified Coach


As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, I can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. Working together, I will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals.

“I am looking forward to assisting you on your journey to becoming a successful leader.”

Haynes Publishing/Permission to Succeed

Amazon Best Selling Author

He is a successful entrepreneur, international business consultant, motivational speaker, Amazon best-selling author and earns millions of dollars from the principals he teaches.

In his book,  “You Have Permission to Succeed” Edwin Haynes offers solid advice in a concise package. There is no filler. There are no wild and zany ideas to conceptualize. Haynes brings laws of economics and common sense together to explain the foundation of his second rise to multi-millionaire status.

Haynes Healing Hearts Foundation

Haynes Healing Hearts is a non-profit foundation that provides counseling, education, and restoration for victims and offenders, where we offer both the opportunity to turn heartbreak into healing. Founded with Mrs. Andrea Haynes as their non-profit foundation, through her own struggles, she has learned how to end the vicious cycle of abuse and is dedicated to empowering others to rebuild their self-esteem.  Through the services and support of her foundation, survivors will be able to reclaim their purpose in life.