Knowing Yourself…Steps to Mastery

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Knowing Yourself...Steps to Mastery...Edwin Haynes

Knowing Yourself…Steps to Mastery…Edwin Haynes

Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom, mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.
~ The Tao the Ching

At one time or another we have all undoubtedly asked ourselves, “Why is this happening to me?” “Why do I keep having the same problems?” “Why am I so frustrated?” These difficult, but important,questions nudge us closer to a better understanding of ourselves and others. But, if they go unanswered we become stuck in a cycle, continually repeating the past and forever on the defensive. Taking control of our lives requires that we find the answers.
Self-awareness is the ability to evaluate yourself and your relationship with the world around you.
It’s the ability to see how your emotions and perceptions are influencing your thinking and behavior. Our behavior is a reflection of our thoughts. Yet, very few people stop and think about what they think, how they think, and hence why they do what they do. What are you reflecting?
It is nevertheless a learn-able skill that with some direction, time and effort we can become better. Part of the problem is our propensity to fool ourselves, pretending nothing is wrong, while the rest of the world is telling us something different. It’s like a willful blindness. Like it or not, it is in our relationships with others that we find out more about what makes us tick.

Perfection is not the goal here…knowledge is, direction is, purpose is.

While none of us like to discover things about ourselves that aren’t working, over-dramatizing our mistakes and weaknesses also holds us back from real growth and in fact feeds denial and blame. This is especially true if the criticism comes from another person.
It should be said that self-awareness isn’t just about coming to terms with our weaknesses. It also identifies our strengths and what works for us. It encourages us to do more of the same and develop mastery in those areas where we naturally excel.
As difficult as it is to take an honest look at ourselves, most of us lack healthy self-knowledge, simply because we don’t make the time for introspection. Our technology-driven lives don’t lend itself to stopping and reflecting on our behavior or our thinking. We tend to live our lives on autopilot, reacting habitually to every situation we find ourselves in.
Would it not be nice if we could ask ourselves and others to unplug, disconnect – to power down and then just sit, to begin to learn the value of quiet? Actually learning to be self-reflective, quiet and focused are important parts of becoming a successful, centered and healthy individual.
Nothing in life changes until we change. For many, that’s a hard fact to accept, because it’s easier just to wait and hope for something better and hope that others change. But that approach will never fix our frustrations, because we can’t make others change; we can only change ourselves.
When we find that what we’re doing isn’t working, we face a choice: We can accept where we are and choose to go in another direction, or we can rationalize our behavior and do nothing. But more of the same will only give us more of the same
As Thomas Carlyle quoted, “A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder”. Knowing your purpose is also a great companion to knowing yourself. It will guide you accordingly and navigate you to where you need to be. That is why self-development is such a critical part of your navigation in life.
I am a huge advocate of self-development. I have been developing myself for a very long time. I am continuously reading, listening and observing. These things have become habitual in a sense, sometimes it may be borderline addictive because I am constantly reading, listening to positive Audios or associating with forward thinking and influential individuals. I have always felt that delving deep into self-development mode is where you find your true self and your true purpose.

Take some time, search deep within yourself, accept any needed changes and make the necessary adjustments to renew yourself.

With Much Success,

Edwin Haynes

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